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Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics (NIB) has published qualitative research from leading bioethics scholars, including:

Eric Racine
Jeremy Sugarman
Laura Dunn and Laura Roberts
Ann Cook Freedman and Helen Hoas
Holly Taylor
Katherine Wasson

booksNIB offers authors of qualitative research articles:

Generous Word Limits. Articles may be up to 7,500 words in length--that's double what many health science journals offer. After publishing an abridged version of your work in JAMA, consider sending us a complete analysis of your project--exploring multiple themes with excerpts from interviews.

Expert Peer Reviewers. Our editorial board and list of peer reviewers include leading qualitative researchers. If your submission is sent to peer review, you will receive useful feedback that will improve your article.

Indexing in PubMed/MEDLINE, Web of Science, Scopus, PhilPapers, and Google Scholar. All of our articles are indexed in PubMed, ensuring that people will be able to find your work.

Distribution on Project MUSE. More than 1,600 institutions and libraries have access to NIB on the Project MUSE platform, ensuring exceptional accessibility among scholars.

In addition to publishing qualitative research articles, NIB also publishes case studies that involve bioethical issues and narrative symposia on selected topics. Click here to access our Guidelines for Authors.

Open Calls for Stories

Please help us find authors for these Symposia! If you know anyone who may be interested in sharing a story, please pass the call on to them.

To read the call and get additional information on how to submit stories, please follow the links below:

Cancer and Fertility (Symposium editor: Ana Iltis, PhD)

Doctor in the Family: Stories and Dilemmas Surrounding Illness in Relatives (Symposium editor: Lauren Smith, MD)

Prescription Opioid Use Disorders (Symposium editor: Kelly Dineen, RN, JD, PhD)

Veterans' Health Care on the Homefront
Deadline Open